Community Life

New Frontiers is so much more than just a church to attend, it is a community to belong to. In fact we see our church as being a network of community groups from all over the Seacoast, who gather together on a Sunday morning. We believe that community is at the heart of what it means to follow Jesus. He gave us a model to follow when he gathered 12 people to be with him - a small group of ordinary, imperfect people. They shared their lives, learning from Jesus about how to enter God’s story and then lived it out together, empowered by his Spirit to make a very real difference in the world.

At New Frontiers Church, we want to follow his example. It’s why our community groups will often meet in homes to enjoy a meal and to learn from God’s story. Its a place where we can be real with one another. A place where we can share our joys and struggles, as well as giving and receiving help and support. It is through these community groups that we also look for opportunities to serve the neighborhoods and cities that we live in.(See Community Action) By working together, with the Spirit of Jesus, we can make a difference.

Are you interested in finding out more? There is likely to be a community group that meets in your area, or maybe you already know some people who attend one. Please do get in touch, we would love to connect you


Hear the Story.
Engage the Story.
Live the Story.

One of the regular activities we do when our community groups meet is to share the stories of the bible. The bible was never meant to be reduced down to a list of rules to obey or a set of principles to live by. The bible is a story. God’s story. A story that is relevant to people from every culture and walk of life because it makes sense of the world we live in. It is a story that is continuing to change the lives of all those who enter into it. We invite people to hear the story being told, to engage with the story through discussion, and then to live the story as a follower of Jesus, which means loving people and serving them as he did.