At New Frontiers Church, we are passionate about exposing our kids to the love and grace of God. During the 9am service we have classes, groups and activities for kids up to age 11. Check out some information about our kids work below.


We love kids at NFC, and the funny thing is, kids seem to love it here too! During the 9am service we have a great children's program for kids aged 6 months to 11 years old where we provide a fun, safe, gospel-centered environment where the truth of God's Word comes alive through creative and interactive curriculum and activities just for kids. We invite you to check your children in at the Kid Check Station in our lobby before going into the auditorium. All children will be given unique identity labels with a corresponding ticket for parents to safely collect their children at the end of the meeting. Children stay with their parents for the time of worship so that families can worship together. An announcement will be made when it is time to take your children to their groups. If you are needed then your child’s ID number will be projected on the video screen. We do extensive background checks on all of our volunteers along with screening and ongoing training to ensure that your children are safe and cared for. 

We currently have four classes: Nursery (6-36 months), Pre-K (3 - 5 years), Elementary (K - 2nd grade) Upper Elementary (3rd grade - 11 years).

There is no children’s program during the 11am service. However, our Guest Lounge is available for parents/caregivers to use with their children during the 11am service sermon. There is also a tv link to the service in the nursing mom’s room which is next to the Guest Lounge.

Youth Group 

Typically, NFC Youth Group meets on Saturday nights from 7-9pm. On a normal night, we play games, spend time worshiping, hear bible stories, have a group discussion and pray for one another. We are passionate about friendship, Jesus and becoming more like Him. Anyone ages 12 through Senior in High School is welcome to attend.

Please contact Auke and Bev Meijers for more information.