New Frontiers Church exists to glorify God, make disciples and transform the world.

Our vision is to see individuals and our community, restored and empowered through a vibrant relationship with Jesus, to be equipped to serve others, extending the reach of the gospel in the Seacoast, the Northeast and where we have relationships globally. We believe the best way to do this is through small groups of people in community together, following the example of Jesus and his 12 disciples. For more details, please check out our Community Groups.



Glorify God
All of life is meant to reflect this desire to glorify God in everything, whether our work or recreation, in business or in the arts.  We embrace the Westminster shorter catechism which states, “The chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.”

Make Disciples
In Matthew 28, Jesus plainly stated this to be the mission of every church that bears his name.  So, from our community groups to Sunday gatherings, in all our training programs and outreach initiatives, our goal is to make disciples by helping people to follow Jesus.

Transform the World
We believe God has called us all to be missionaries. It means that as Christians we want to get involved in the world around us, having a restorative, healing impact on people and our culture. We want to bring hope to both our local neighborhoods and to the nations of the world. We are a local church with a global mission.