We named our church after the family of churches that we belong to. Newfrontiers was founded in the UK by Terry Virgo and today it consists of around 1500 churches, working with different apostolic leaders in over 70 nations. Newfrontiers is a growing group of apostolic leaders partnering together on global mission, joined by common values and beliefs, shared mission and genuine relationships. To find out more go to NewfrontiersTogether.org

In the United States, we are working with around 30+ churches that identify as Confluence Churches. For more information go to Confluencechurches.org

Here in the Northeast, we are also privileged to be a ‘hub’ church that helps to serve a number of other Newfrontiers churches in Boston, Providence, NYC, Connecticut, New Jersey, Maryland and Pennsylvania. Our senior pastor, Ian Ashby, and his team, work in close relationship with the pastors to help their churches to be fruitful and to engage in our mission together. The name ‘New Frontiers’ reflects our vision as we seek to reach northern New England with the gospel, planting new churches in a region that has been called the 'new frontier' of missions in America. But, for us, new frontiers is not restricted to the United States. Our vision, in line with the biblical mandate, is also to make disciples of the 'unreached' people groups of the world, who truly represent the new frontiers of world mission.

For information on our latest Church plant initiative, in Brooklyn NYC go to christcentral.nyc.