Leadership Development


Trilogy is our training & development program for current and emerging leaders. We believe effective leadership is best forged on the front lines of church mission. That’s why we develop leaders directly in the local church.  We place students in learning communities, where they can learn, grow and apply their leadership calling.

Click here to register for our Spring 2018 class: Kingdom of God

Trilogy is not just about classroom learning.  It is based on four pillars, through which we seek to help establish a strong foundation in leaders’ lives: Heart, Values, Doctrine, Practice.  We combine practical Biblical theology, on-the-job coaching, and interactive discussion with rigorous college-level study, to ensure leaders are equipped holistically to lead well in every aspect of life. 

If you would like more information about Trilogy, including details of classes being offered this semester, please email gareth@newfrontierschurch.com



For those seeking to explore their call to leadership, while giving time to serve in the local church, we are happy to discuss internship opportunities at New Frontiers Church.  If you would like more information about internships at New Frontiers Church, please email gareth@newfrontierschurch.com

Cross Cultural Training

As a church committed to being a blessing to the nations, we want to ensure that those seeking to serve God with us in different cultures are properly equipped and trained to deal with the challenges this brings.  This support takes various forms, such as intensive training weekends, ongoing mentoring, as well as participation in teams on short-term trips to experience different cultures.  For more information about our Cross Cultural Training, please email sam@newfrontierschurch.com

Summer Internship

Join us this summer for an 8-week intensive designed to lay theological foundations, shape character, and unleash gifting. This internship is for high school students and current college students and will run from June 24 until August 19. For more information, please email us at hello@newfrontierschurch.com.