We believe that we are called to make a difference by demonstrating the love of Christ through practical acts of service. That’s why serving our local communities is a big deal for us. We are not interested in just trying to gather as many people as we can in church meetings that are designed to entertain! We want to equip and empower people to go and live out their faith in practical ways. We encourage people to get involved in their area of interest or volunteer for one of the many great organizations on the Seacoast that already exist and are doing a good work. Another way that people can make a difference is through participating in one of our Community Groups as they seek to serve their local communities, or by volunteering for one of the many initiatives we are involved in.

We are particularly passionate about serving the needy and the marginalized, as Jesus himself did.  There are a number of different initiatives that we have either started or are involved in, including working with public housing to improve the quality of life for their residents; working to support those struggling with addiction through our ACT 2 Recovery program; sponsoring and supporting refugees who have been displaced through war or persecution; and helping the residents at Lydia’s House of Hope, a transitional home for homeless families. So whether it's us supporting you in what you are doing, or you participating with us in what we are doing, together, we can make a difference.