We love the college and university campuses located in the Seacoast and have a bunch of members that attend or are alumni to them who gather regularly in Durham. If you are in a fraternity or sorority or are just a part of the University community, then we would love to see you.

Come to our Sunday meeting or email us hello@newfrontierschurch.com to find out where meetings are taking place on campus.

Here’s what some of our students and 20s have to say:

“I love our 20s! We have such an incredibly fun, energetic group of young adults! My heart is to empower these students to take the kingdom of God into their classrooms, workplaces, dorms, neighborhoods, and coffee shops. The Church wasn’t meant to exist in its own cultural domain – it’s meant to exist in every aspect of society! My passion is to encourage followers of Jesus that they have been given authority in Christ to make disciples everywhere they go.”- Isaac Moore, 24 UNH Community Group Co-Leader.

“I love my community group so much and I love getting to know and grow with those in my group! I am excited to have a strong Christian community when I am finished with college.”- Naomie Clark, 21 - University of New Hampshire Class of 2017.

“New Frontiers started on a college campus fueled by a young generation eager for the Holy Spirit. Our students and 20s have this same fire today as we build relationships, make cheesy inside jokes and grow together as a family.”- David Rogers, 22 - University of New Hampshire Class of 2016.

“I love the twenties because we embrace our diversity and differences and all seek to build real, authentic, relationships with one another. I love that it doesn’t really matter what we’re doing (getting drinks at a bar, having a meal together, or enjoying the outdoors) we just enjoy doing it together. More than that - I love that even though we’re spread all throughout different community groups, we still value and enjoy spending time together as a peer group that’s passionate about loving our neighbors.”  Becca Pope, 26.