God’s mission has always been to have worshipers from all the nations and people groups of the world and at New Frontiers Church, we want to play our part in this great cause. Our vision is to be a multi-cultural church where the nations are welcomed and from which nations can be served. 

Our church is already made up of a number of different nationalities, and we are praying for that diversity to increase. We want to demonstrate, through our love for one another, the power of the gospel to unite men and women of different races and cultures to form ‘one new man in Christ’. But we don’t just want to be a church of the nations, but a church for the nations. We want to reach more and more people locally, so they will get caught up with us in blessing people globally. Engaging in God’s mission means being a blessing to our neighbors and to the nations!

As a church we are already actively involved in a number of different places in the world, especially in the Middle East and Asia. We have sister churches in Turkey, and the Arabian Peninsula that we are partnering with, as well as members who are currently living overseas and others who are preparing to go. We are committed to supporting each and every person who has a passion for the nations, to ensure that they are well trained, connected and looked after. Perhaps you have an interest in going on a short-term trip or feel called to something longer term; maybe you are being relocated for work purposes, or you simply want to help support our members who are already overseas; we believe we all have a part to play.

Part of our Leadership Training Program at New Frontiers Church includes Cross Cultural training for those who feel called to serve overseas. One of our leaders, Sam Poe, has developed a strategy called ‘Share the Story’ that is now being used in many nations of the world as well as in our own community groups. It is a simple, reproducible strategy to share God’s story with people from all backgrounds and cultures, whether in our own cities, or in other nations. Here is a short introductory video to ‘Share the Story’ 

New Frontiers Church is also part of a larger family of churches, currently some 1500 churches in over 70 nations. To find out more about our churches worldwide go to NewfrontiersTogether.org

Share The Story