A program for adults who are recovering from a substance use disorder and other serious life-controlling issues.

ACT 2 Recovery is a peer-mentoring recovery program aimed at delivering life-change through individual mentoring, group support and life skills training.

The program is free for qualified adults who need individualized help as they work to bring their life back under control, and who would benefit from a focused and structured part-time program. Participants work to create and implement an individual relapse prevention plan designed to support their long-term recovery.

ACT 2 is a second chance, an opportunity to change the script of your life. It is for those who are tired of the old script and long for freedom from the repetitive cycle of unhealthy coping mechanisms. This program helps to identify the root causes of these attitudes and behaviors. Mentoring and/or group support provide the help needed for healing to take place.

As a result, you’ll find yourself making choices to live out a new and healthier script - one that makes the most of your gifts and talents leading to a more fulfilling life.

ACT 2 Recovery offers training and support in four key areas:

Relapse Prevention

Using the successful Genesis Process relapse prevention curriculum, along with group support and individual mentoring, students learn relapse prevention strategies within a supportive community of peers.

Life Skills Training

Life skills are an essential part of ACT 2. Classes include budgeting, boundary setting, etc. We also offer students service opportunities. Giving back promotes a sense of self worth and dignity, as well as providing valuable work experience for future employment

Case Management

If necessary, students will receive help to address basic needs. This support covers traditional case management areas such as health, further education and legal assistance. The goal is to set students up for long-term success.

Spiritual Formation

ACT 2 Recovery is a faith-based program, and anyone is welcome to participate, no matter where they are in their faith journey. In a non-judgmental atmosphere, object lessons, studies and group discussions provide opportunities to explore the role faith plays in recovery.

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