Empowered to live free from addiction

Excited about life’s new script

Equipped to play your part

ACT 2 Recovery is a life-change program that promotes emotional health and supports long-term recovery
through peer mentoring, life skills training and by connecting people to community.

The program is available to adults recovering from substance use disorder and other life controlling issues
who are seeking help and support as they seek to build a personal recovery plan.

The program is part-time and consists of a core relapse prevention curriculum, as well as electives, which allows for flexibility while also providing structure.

ACT 2 is offered at no charge to qualified adults.

Act 2 is for those who are tired of the old script and long for freedom from the repetitive cycle of unhealthy coping mechanisms.
It is a second chance, an opportunity to change the script of your life.

ACT 2 Recovery is part of the Life Change Program at New Frontiers Church.

ACT 2 Recovery offers training and support in three key areas:

Relapse Prevention

Using the successful Genesis Process relapse prevention curriculum, along with peer mentoring, students learn relapse prevention strategies within a supportive community of peers. The goal is to build a long-term recovery plan, drawing from all available community-wide resources.

Life Skills Development

Developing life skills is essential for long-term recovery and is an integral part of all program activities. Seasonally, specific classes may be offered on an elective basis. For example: budgeting, boundary setting, time-management, etc.

Connection to Community

The ACT 2 Café sessions provide an opportunity to experience community which is a vital part of learning to live in long-term recovery. Drop-in activities at the café provide opportunities to develop new friendships, hobbies and interests e.g. art, chess, checkers and knitting. In addition, there are one-off informational sessions on topics related to recovery.

Volunteer service opportunities are available to alumni/enrolled students, providing valuable work experience in readiness for future employment and an opportunity to give back.

ACT 2 CAFÉ also acts as a gateway to the program allowing anyone to drop-in and enjoy a cup of coffee, while exploring the options.

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