At New Frontiers Church we have a dream where every member is:

Empowered to live in freedom
Excited about life’s new script
Equipped to play their part

However, we recognize that many of us go through difficult patches in life when we get trapped in unhealthy thought patterns and behaviors. During those times, we want New Frontiers Church to be a safe place where people experience grace, not judgment. So, through the ACT 2 Program, we offer pastoral support and training that promotes emotional health and supports long-term recovery.

Act 2 is a second chance, an opportunity to change the script for your life. It is for those who are tired of the old script and long for freedom from the repetitive cycle of unhealthy coping mechanisms. This program helps to identify the root causes of these attitudes and behaviors. Mentoring and/or group support provide the help and prayer needed for healing to take place.

As a result, you’ll find yourself making choices to live out a new and healthier script, one that makes the most of your gifts and talents and brings you joy and satisfaction.

ACT 2 is when you find your place in God’s story:
Empowered – Excited - Equipped

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